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Privacy policy
MobineSSia respects and protects your privacy. We will not give any information about you to others without your express permission.

What we do or share
- Your public posting materials such as; Chronologer, Blogs, Photos, and Comments.
- We are also publish your Blogs, and Photos into several "shadow sites" which you can view that list in here.
- As an option, we can also Tweets your Chronologer, Blogs, and Photos into your own Twitter Account -only- if you want us to do so. To use this feature, open your profile editor and fill-in your Twitter information on the bottom of the screen.

We won't do or won't share
- Your private information under Confidential labels, such as: realname, and password (hoho.. no need to mention)
- Your private messaging with other members. Even webcrawler such as Google bots, will never ever touch your private messages.
- We use email to contact you regarding to our services. We won't send you any unsolicited mail nor give it to any thirdparties such as cybermarketers etc.
- We use your (mobile)phone numbers to verify any short messages on behalf you, in case you contact us using it and vice versa. We won't give it to another party without your permission.
- We will never ever use other social network connection; which is Facebook Connect or Twitter, to post something on behalf you, without your notification and permission.

Rev.: Mar 2010

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