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Post your questions clearly. Use rules of questions correctly. Do not write the statement that is not required. We reserve the right to change the Question and Answer, or delete them.

[Q]:Udah pernah pacaran?
   [A]:alangkah baiknya langsung nikah...
kan menikah lbh dkat ke ibadah,
kalau pacaran lbh dkat ke maksiat.

*jawaban yg tak to the point *

(4 years ago - 0 comments) )
[Q]:Alright arlgiht alright that's exactly what I needed!
   [A]:you're welcome anywho there,
(6 years ago - 0 comments) )
[Q]:30 September, 2009 at 4:06 pm</a>Tapi reuni itu juga asyik :p kalo lewat jaring-sosial or sms or telp kan kita gak bisa nabok kalo reuni, ketmeu langsung, face2face kan kita bisa NABOK, nagih HUTANG (dulu dia mam di kantin ngutang kite ), MALAK, PAJAK, de es be de es be hihihi
   [A]:mau ktemuan lg pow? haghaghag...
(6 years ago - 0 comments) )
[Q]:pernahkah menjalin cinta monyet ??
   [A]:cinta monyet gmn y? yg garuk2 mulu y? hehe
(6 years ago - 0 comments) )
[Q]:emin hobinya apa?
   [A]:kan udh ada d profil maen internetan, klw ada duit. plg sisanya jalan2 pake sepeda. tp skrg kgk, krn d rantauan kgk pny speda.
(6 years ago - 0 comments) )
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