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I'm just a simple man with the simple needs.
I work as an IT specialist, from design to coding, training, and even cleaning the computers either :P

I love to play PSX, travelling, electronics building, reading any books, singing with my guitar gently, writing poems and sometimes a simple song.
I sometimes being a seasonal rocker as well :) while not sitting down to the computers. I'm pretty good in motoracing too, especially when I'm too late to get to the office :D
I also love radio technics so much. Radio is one obsession since I was a kid. I still seeing there is kind of magic how people are connected through airwaves wirelessly, even there were distance that keep them a part.

And last, just don't forget..
My middle name is,

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quo vadis MobineSSia? (1 years ago)
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31-Dec-08 00:00
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Rumah Rio, Purwosari, Salatiga, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

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butterfly28: Makhluk halus yg bikin penasaran haaa [book2book]
02-Jul-18 20:16
butterfly28: Kei mah yg jarang [book2book]
02-Jul-18 11:55
butterfly28: Gapapaa..inget jaman dul bett..hehehe. dan..balik lg ke sini hahah [book2book]
02-Jul-18 11:46
butterfly28: Hahahahahaa.... [book2book]
02-Jul-18 11:36
sangcompesso25: sepii di sini kak cari member donk [book2book]
14-Aug-16 23:30
omi: ok kak, jangan bully saya ya xD [book2book]
03-Jun-15 07:05
omi: hai kak saya member baru, salam kenal juga. btw mimi hitam siapa ya? [book2book]
01-Jun-15 22:11
niekawaii: permissiiiiiii.... [book2book]
20-Apr-15 22:52
diana3424: emnk itu gimana caranya ? [book2book]
01-Apr-15 21:30
doni26: oke masbro [book2book]
17-Feb-15 08:09
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